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Three French Bullgod Puppies


At Central Valley Whelping, we understand that many fur baby owners have a desire to breed, but do not have the knowledge, facilities or time to ensure that their litter and fur baby are given the best care possible.  That is where we come in to lend our years of experience and expertise that promotes a healthy and safe experience for puppies and new moms!  In the event that a puppy is born with special needs or is surrendered to us, we partner with reputable rescue organizations to meet the needs of ALL of our furkids.

Whelping Package

Detailed Rate


  • 24 Hour Care of Mom and Newborn Puppies

  • Fully Loaded Puppy Nursery and puppy ICUs

  • Puppy Weaning 

  • Complete prenatal and postnatal care of mom

  • In-house meals geared towards total nutrition replenishment

  • Prenatal transportation to and from the vet clinic for c-sections, and trips to the local vet as needed (additional cost)

  • Special Needs: Hydrocephalus, Clefts, etc.  (additional cost)

  • Note:  4 Week minimum requirement and we do have the ability to care for pups up to 14 weeks or until fully vaccinated.

  • Critical Care:  Tube feedings, medication, oxygen (additional cost)

Ready to give your pregnant mom and pup the care that they deserve?

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